Monday, March 8, 2010

Telah di Luncurkan Nissan Patrol 2011 & Video

Nissan, SUVs lounching 7th generation release patrols in Abu Dhabi, Sunday from Japan kemarin.Pabrikan Patrol said the 2011 is more ready to fight the nearest rival, the Toyota Land Cruiser.
In addition to increasing the dimension, the latest Nissan Patrol V8 dapurpacu also blessed with more responsive. This makes the function of this premium SUV more powerful playing his 4 × 4.
According to design director of Nissan products Taiji Toyota, new exterior look similar Patrol Terranaut concept car introduced in 2006.
"Patrolling newest harder and stronger than previous models. But he's also more beautiful and looks more modern overall design," said Taiji.

In the interior of the sector was also carried out significant changes. Nissan Patrol to provide high quality materials and premium features such as SUVs, SUVs made in America and Germany. This impression is used in all skin layers benches, ornamental aluminum and wood panels.
Not only that, seven-passenger SUV is also equipped with DVD entertainment services alone multi-screen, each placed behind the front seat headrests.

On Patrol machinery sector workers rely on a new 2011 from the 5.6-liter V8 mechanical heart. This engine replaces the 4.8-liter V8 models in the previous model. Supported by direct injection technology, performance depot willing to give up power 400hp and 550Nm of torque.
Nissan did not play in producing the Patrol in 2011. In response to the complete opposite features, tough off-roader is now equipped with seven-speed transmission, and make corrections to the 4WD system. Four-wheel drive provided an important part in the four modes, namely sand, asphalt, snow and rocks.
As a complement of comfort, 2011 Patrol brought the system of independent suspension on all wheels. Although still the same as its predecessor, but the latest Pasa Patrol makes more rigid suspension, and add Body Motion Control Hydraulic System (HBMC) to reduce body roll during turns.


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