Monday, April 5, 2010

Gambar,Spesifikasi Suzuki Splash 2010

Suzuki's leading motor manufacturers will soon launch its latest car products, named the Suzuki Splash. Suzuki plans latest invoice car will be launched on 21 March 2010. How do these specs Suzuki Splash? Will it be able to satisfy consumers - consumers?
This car is also called - referred to as Mini Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV mini). Suzuki Splash will be marketed Prices start from USD 136 to 145 million. For the standard type and cost of Rp 136 million type type price is USD 145 million GL.
Sold at the lowest price range of Rs 420.000 (USD 84 million).

Look outward form, is still tiny-too tiny surface? But, like baseball’s Karimun Estilo, small. Design when viewed closely resemble the European car design, although the manufacturer’s in India, which is made by Maruti Suzuki. Just look at the stern, the trend curve of the lamp design like French or Italian car.

hmm not such a small cabin that was mistaken. Foot wide space in front, so did the left and right side, with a close second front seat, so no big center console, door trim, but could have a pocket that can accommodate a bottle.

But in the back, although headroom relief, leg room was not too broad, luckily enough fall back bench, so that still gives comfortWith the back seats upright, there is still room large enough for the goods. Although, when the passenger seat is folded, divided 60:40, can still provide a flat deck for easy storage.

Suzuki’s new engine, enough power to spew K12M Splash, each acceleration able to make a mount that weighs 1.4 tons of speeding. Agile maneuvers also can be obtained, even up to speeds above 100 km / h, Splash can still be relied upon acceleration. Only acceleration aka acceleration was not too fast.

Capacity of 1200 cc engine is quite economical in dense urban traffic. Average consumption of 13 kilometers per liter of gasoline makes it quite rarely stop to refueling stations.

Indeed become the main destination of urban use, with dimensions and small turning radius, parking in narrow spaces and meeting so as easy as turning the steering wheel equipped with power steering.

Suzuki Splash Specification:
  • 1200 cc engine
  • reached 571 liters of luggage capacity
  • audio device with a compact disc player and radio (type GL)
  • i-Pod connection and Bluetooth
  • with five-speed manual transmission


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